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About This Project:

RealitySeeker is a grassroots philosophy initiative aimed at people working together to understand what gives life meaning and how they can live their best life.


This is not a group for contentious debate. We will have deep and meaningful discussions that respect each individual's lived experience and unique, personal perspective. Then, we will work together to understand how we can create the world we want to see, either personally or collectively.

This site is new and is being updated frequently. We are beginning to organize via Zoom during the coronavirus crisis. Please check back frequently to see our progress!


This is where our videos will go

Our Conversation:

Every Tuesday afternoon, RealitySeeker participants get together to discuss important philosophical topics and their practical relationship to our world in the present.
We have taken the results and formed them into the articles that are listed below:

Contact Us:

If you are inspired by RealitySeeker and have interest in either participating or doing what you can to support our efforts, please email me at:


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