The Condition of the Seeker

“The true artist has no pride; unhappily he realizes that art has no limitations, he feels darkly how far he is from the goal, and while, perhaps he is admired by others, he grieves that he has not yet reached the point where the better genius shall shine before him like a distant sun.” — Beethoven

Why Art in a Discussion of Reality?

While this site will make every reasonable attempt to describe reality using logic and reason, philosophy always, unavoidably, comes into contact with what cannot be explained, or what is extremely difficult to satisfactorily explain by traditional methods.


We will not shy away from those difficult areas of discussion; however, sometimes art is the best way of trying to express our sense of what is absolute and beyond expression.

If an aspect of the discussion inspires you to creatively express an idea through a variety of means, please contact me with your submission via email at

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