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About RealitySeeker

So, our start these past few weeks has been great. We're still in the getting-to-know-you phase and that's fine as we have a lot of our personal stories to tell. I appreciate all of the diversity in the stories, as well as the tremendous honesty that has been displayed. That's going to be critical to this venture becoming ultimately successful.

Without explaining to you the details of my philosophy, the name RealitySeeker represents the very core of everything I've studied the past twenty years including the last eight of formal philosophy. Another veteran here was talking to me recently about two aspects of meditation--the convergent picture (the details) and the divergent picture (the big picture) and the skill of going back and forth between the two. RealitySeeker operates on the belief that too much detailed analysis of life takes away from the ability to zoom out and focus on the other. As Mary Bourgeois talked about in her post on non-duality, this is the point of gaining relief from not trying too hard to control, to know, or to understand. Having the ability to let go, breathe, and finally relax is an important part of life. It can be a reprieve to intense emotional struggling.

Meditation was a big part of my proposal to Mission Daybreak, but achieving flow is just as much about discovering what you love and working to master it. Mastery requires a level of detail like the convergent thinking, so lest we think that doesn't have its place. But losing the self in the pursuit of what we love is the goal here, becoming so immersed in the things that we love that the self falls away and we become one with the doing.

I have been working with a business coach, and we had an amazing conversation tonight. We have a real solid plan for how this can become a reality. You are the most important element--it's about the veterans. I am so grateful to the four of you for participating with me, sharing yourselves so openly, and kicking off what I believe can help so many more veterans.

So continue to write about whatever moves you. I want to know what moves you--what is your passion. And then I want us to work together to figure out how to achieve it. That's what, in my mind, life is all about. Figuring out how to thrive.

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