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Behind What is Said

When we speak, we often believe that we are accurately portraying the truth of what we are describing. In actuality, an ocean of potential information represents the truth from which we make the choices that determine our specific interpretation of reality.

This week, RealitySeeker hosted a discussion about what more exists when we exercise our creativity or explore our awareness. How are we able to make discoveries that went previously unnoticed?

We usually think of ourselves as being on a path in life moving toward a specific destination. The truth is we need not seek in this manner, because we are connected to the ocean of information within ourselves. We are part of the whole of existence, and everything connects together through our relationships to other people and to the world.

Previously established beliefs only serve to confuse our perception of the world as we experience it, because our brain interprets through tradition. Enlightenment is being able to see beyond our previous learning.

We don’t discover something that never existed; rather, we come to realize how much more was always already there. When we gave form to the ocean of information, we biased our ability to see things the way they are. If we can see things with fresh eyes, through not knowing, all experience can become new.

Intelligence is partly about being able to communicate your emotion, and the role of a peer is to let someone else speak their truth. In this way, relationships become essential because sometimes people get off track or struggle with uncomfortable emotions, and the relationships help us find the answers are within ourselves.

Five people contributed to this article through conversations this week: Philippe Bitton, Vishnu Burla, Mary Bourgeois, Sandy Fleischman and Claire Gerin-Lajoie.

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