Finding Success (Dr. Vishnu Reddy Burla)

This week we didn't discuss nothing, we discussed success. There were many definitions introduced for success from financial freedom, enlightenment, happiness, having a family, making a contribution to society, and a few more. While many of these objective standards were discussed, the group lended toward a more subjective reading of the determination of success.

The issue with objective readings of success is that they may not be a standard you are for. Metaphysically, one apparently cannot conceive of value determination in an object nor a subject; the value in is the relationship made between the subject and object. One can give you a standard externally even but the value of that standard would not adhere. 

This does not mean that value is solely relative to the individual however. It must be acknowledged that some standards are just mistaken. People have morally wrong standards for success. This is evidenced by such things as racism; people mistake the worth of a person and so can mistake the their value for a certain standard of success. It is must be acknowledge that people change their mind as certain standards do harm or make the individual less happy. 

The discussion slows into an existential crisis. If standards can be mistaken or are not good as originally thought then how can we be sure we have a good standard for personal success? This epistemological concerns will be evaluated next week, so follow along with us as we go deeper into epistemology in our never ending search for reality.

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