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Important Concept

At the risk of posting too much too soon, I want to share with you another concept of this RealitySeeker idea.

I don't want to confuse anyone, so if this doesn't make sense to you, just disregard and continue doing what we've been doing. But if you're up for discussing this, that would be awesome.

It's called grounded theory. All that means is we as a group of veterans collect data about our experiences and make sense of them together. The primary "theory" I see us working on together is "How do we live our most satisfying lives." Obviously, this affects suicide prevention as well.

So, if you're willing, watch this short video (5 minutes):

This is the method in my madness. If we can organize ourselves so that our stories of trying to live our passions actually create good data and we develop an organized method of analyzing it together, this project instantly becomes much more viable with research-minded folks.

This is me doing my passion work, btw. :)

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