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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Last Friday's article discussed how one might live, with the main point being that we are not constrained by history, language, or culture. My next topic will be the difference between rigidity and flexibility, something I will talk about frequently.

My belief is that rigidity is the single biggest cause of stress, anxiety, and depression. The mental health costs associated with feeling stuck, being unable to escape something you hate, or being pressured by an overwhelming challenge can be significant. I spend a lot of time talking about how rigidity is baked into our culture, but I think we have the option to explore personal flexibility in reaction to that rather than confront it directly.

Striving or straining to achieve a particular outcome has already been discussed. In many cases, the goal being pursued is actually an unrealistic expectation, but whose to say what is unrealistic if we are to explore how one might live? Imposing our personal belief structure on the world may not be consistent with the way things currently work, but what does it mean for something to work?

Whether something works or not should not be confused with how one might live. As a general rule, what "works" is what is widely accepted. A person's mental health can suffer significantly when they swim upstream. In contrast, going along with the status quo, especially when you know it is making you sick, can eat away at your spirit.

On Wednesday, I'll write about science and where we get the notion that truth is something we can attain. I will, however, offer this advice for the purposes of this article.

Step back into a realm of possibility where you can regularly cultivate your passions and creativity when the world seems unwilling to accept a new viewpoint. Meditation not only brings you into harmony with your breath, but it also makes breathing easier once you realize how limitless reality actually is. Don't pass judgment on the quality of your art of personal expression. Immerse yourself in the endless sea of possibilities - how one might live - and dwell there for a while. Over time, you will be able to develop your ideas and understand how to share them.

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