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Realityseeker explained

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Most of us in Western culture go through our lives with our hair on fire. We feel compelled to reach some level of accomplishment, to validate ourselves as "good" -- defined as smart, attractive, cool, or skillful. Our ego takes the reins and pushes us toward some unknown level of attainment, creating stress and pressure that makes many of us sick.

More than 40 million American adults suffer from an anxiety disorder and 18 million adults suffer from depression in any given year. We work harder and harder to achieve some resolution of our striving, yet the harder we try the more it exacerbates our mental health challenges.

Realityseeker asks us to examine what it means to be seeking. What does it mean to hold a belief that some attainment is going to solve my anxiety? How often do we attain an accomplishment or possession of some material object only to realize that our desire is not quenched, that the perpetual feeling and angst and striving remain?

Do we understand that reality, itself, is like a thing that we wish to attain? We wish to understand -- to hold it in our hands this fixed, rational thing -- that we can know and control to reap all the benefits of having accomplished such a feat. It's false. The true reality is constant change and complexity that evades a fixed understanding. That is not something to grieve, but rather to celebrate because the realization that we have the freedom to explore what is possible is far greater than any derived satisfaction we would have gained by discovering a fixed and sterile world.

Over the course of the next several weeks, months, or years, I am going to describe to you why this perpetual seeking is robbing us of the beauty we can enjoy in life and the calm sense of peace that will improve our ability to be productive and fulfilled. I'm going to explain what it means to be a reality seeker, and what you can do to remedy that situation.

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