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Team COA Real Time

I am sure thankful to have the RealitySeeker community to calm my racing thoughts as I battle being at home as my mind flashes on to scope of being at war.

This morning I was doing my duties as a stay-at-home combat-disabled veteran dad. I asked my 2 1/2 year-old son what he wanted for breakfast and he said, "Grill Cheese, Daddy!" As the cheese melted I heard his younger brother, the 10-month-old, waking up from his brief morning nap. I squeezed his cheeks and making that Grunt knot an 11 Bravo Brother Rod this chairman was in the Green Zone on Radar.

As breakfast was served I enjoyed the final scoop of boys yogurt -- Peaches, Millions of Peaches for Me. My wife left for the office early and she said remember how clean the boys swing used to be. She must have known my younger son hadn't pooped yesterday, the prelude to the splat blowout I was dealt. Picking him up from the swing the avocado smash was up his back and the seat. The mess grew. I immediately felt calm being back in Weapons Directing Controlling with Ears on. Meditating in the moment because it's funny how comfortable I feel in chaos.

Going directly to the tub for a clean up. As I undressed him my mind was raising two dropping bombs @ rescue while maintaining tankers take offs & landings. Wow, this is a great to bring my boys up to trigger my life issues as a love them and their mom knows it takes a village and I'm blessed to have a family of support.

Moving from 1 sortie to the next I was like, Man, I can't wait to blog about this as it helps me get out of my head, write, and lean on others. Got the cover to the swing in the wash, the baby back to sleep, and as for now I feel like I can Carry On. As a boy is now ready for his bath before we go to the course to work on our short game!

Keeping it Real! A big heartfelt thank you to RealitySeeker, meeting this veteran on his Carry On America Movement!

PS. Purpose vs Mission Ponder

NOTE: Andy asked me to post this for him. Ryan Christman

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