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Tell Your Story, You can change your world

Mental health challenges are not the end of your life. If you feel suicidal now, or have in the past, you don't need to feel shame about it and it doesn't need to define you going forward. You just need to express yourself. How do you do that and why?

It's difficult to share your darkest feelings with a professional mental health provider, and it's also difficult to share your feelings with friends or family who sometimes it feels like don't understand. It's not necessary to make all of those hard feelings public in order to tell your story. It's more important to tell yourself in order to begin making sense of what those things mean, and develop an understanding of yourself moving forward.

That's what RealitySeeker is to me. I have studied at top colleges and I have studied philosophy as an enthusiast, but I've only done that with one goal in mind. To understand myself so I can live my best life. It's challenge (and sometimes long) work, but it's so rewarding.

I figured out that I don't need to go "seeking" approval or accomplishment of some sort of external validation. All I need to do is express myself and my feelings about the world. That's what I am doing now by sharing this article with you. I am not going to concern myself with who reads this or what they think about it. It's my truth and I know it has led me from the brink back to good living.

Please read what I have to share with you. It can literally save your life. You don't even have to tell me your reading it or what it means to you. Please just enjoy and learn from my work on personal recovery.



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