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The Experience App

When I submitted my proposal, I spoke of a talk-to-text tool that would allow veterans to narrate their meditation experiences in order to create content for their storytelling.

I obviously do not have the funding to build an original app of this kind right now, but there are already some free tools that can allow us to test this practice.

  1. Take your device: your phone or your laptop and go to the following site:

  2. The free version will allow you to speak into the app, and then you can copy what you spoke.

  3. Do a short meditation exercise and with this app on, and when you're done describe what you saw.

  4. Then cut and paste the text into a new post for RealitySeeker. You don't need to write much. Just cut your description of your meditation experience.

All in all, should take 5-10 minutes. Have fun!

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