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The Practice of Creativity

Hello everyone. You have joined the Philosophy of Creativity group because you are my friends and family. Some of you know me from the study of philosophy, some of you know me from peer support activities, and the rest of you just know me because our lives have connected in some way. Regardless, how you got here, I'm ready to tell you the point.

I received some criticism in 2020 because I resisted stating an objective, because I believed the answer I was leading philosophy groups to seek would not come as the result of a clearly defined path. The challenge I described to these "realityseekers" was to accept the fact that reality is not something to be grasped, but rather something that you create by forcing yourself outside of your typical patterns and routines of existence.

Many people accept that we cannot perceive the totality, either as individuals or collectively, but they don't live that way. The hold things they perceive as a structure that stands alone. People quickly believe their thoughts about something are the way the way things really are. Knowledge, however, is not static -- it is a dynamic process. No answer is complete. So what happens when we force ourselves not to go into automatic mode?

RealitySeeker is not a guide to seeking reality. On the contrary, it's a community where we share with each other how we can create the way things are. It's a community where we continually ask new questions and work together to sense the movement of life, embrace change and make art.

How do we act as artists, creating the community we wish to see? I do not have the answer to that question, and I will never try to tell you there is only one way. This week, our discussion group arrived at the following tentative principles:

  1. You need to have a structure

  2. The structure can and will always change

  3. Learn to do things a different way

  4. Devote yourself to your process; make it a ritual

  5. The act is bigger than your own sense of purpose

Together, we create the story of what is.

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