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Wholeness and the Implicate Order: David Bohm/Part 1

Last Thursday night, the RealitySeeker Zoom group discussed the introduction of physicist David Bohm’s book, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order.” The book did not resonate with the majority of the participants, largely because it professes to offer a rational explanation of the whole of experience. In the opinion of some group members, that is an impossible task.

So, as the group moderator I am faced with the challenge of pursuing wholeness without defining it through rational description, which in turn would seem to lead us back to the precarious predicament of practicing the same old analytic exercise.

It is my job to respect the opinion of the group and reflect their sentiments in our decisions going forward without closing myself to the overtures of the truth. As suggested, I will continue to read the Bohm book in order to sift out key points that can allow us to discuss this point further, namely: “Is it possible to discern a systematic description of the infinite nature of reality in order to determine principles that are more in line with human flourishing?”

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